Create a manual indicator

Create a manual indicator to enter indicator scores manually.

Before you begin

Role required: pa_admin, pa_power_user, or admin

About this task

Manual indicators are not associated with an indicator source. This means that scores for manual indicators are not generated automatically by a data collection job. Instead, you must populate these indicators by adding scores manually or by importing data. Manual indicators are typically used for data that cannot be retrieved from the ServiceNow instance because it comes from an outside system, such as customer data from a third-party sales system.
Note: You must have Performance Analytics Premium to create new indicators.


To create a manual indicator, navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Manual Indicators.

You can assign users as contributors for each manual indicator. Users with the pa_admin, pa_power_user or pa_contributor role can view the scoresheet and select which users are allowed to contribute to each indicator.

Note: The frequency for a manual indicator specifies how to visualize its data. For example, if you set the data points per day or per month in the charts, this also affects the scoresheet, so it determines whether you can enter daily or monthly values.