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Prevent a formula component from following breakdowns

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Prevent a formula component from following breakdowns

You can prevent certain formula components from being broken down when a user applies a breakdown to the formula indicator.

When you apply a breakdown to a formula indicator, such as on a breakdown dashboard, the selected breakdown applies to all formula components. You prevent certain components from being broken down using the syntax {{Indicator}}. You can also prevent a formula component from following breakdowns by clearing the Allow breakdowns check box in the Browse for an indicator popup.

For example, consider the formula [[Incidents]] / [[Customers]]. If you apply a region breakdown to this indicator, and specify EU as the breakdown element, the formula indicator returns scores using the formula [[Incidents > region = eu]] / [[Customers > region = eu]]. However, to view the EU incidents divided by the total number of incidents across all regions, you can write the formula as [[Incidents]] / {{Customers}}. Using the {{Indicator}} format causes the Customers component to ignore breakdowns. This way, when you apply the region breakdown with the EU breakdown element, this formula indicator is equivalent to the formula [[Incidents > region = eu]] / [[Customers]].

You can specify a breakdown within a component itself, such as [[Incidents]] / {{Customers > importance = high}}. In this example, the formula denominator is always broken down to include only the high-importance customers. Any breakdown applied to the formula indicator, such as the region breakdown, does not apply to the Customers component.