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Configure cart layout

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Configure cart layout

Configure cart layout records to define functionality for widgets or screens in the shopping cart.

About this task

To configure cart layout:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Cart Layouts.
  2. Select a widget or screen:
  3. Update the Title field to change the title that appears on the widget.
  4. Leave the default Target value. Do not change this value because it identifies the cart element being defined.
  5. Update the other sections of the cart layout record, as required. The availability of these sections varies for each widget and screen record.
    • In the Components section, select the components to display, such as delivery times, item descriptions, and prices.
    • In the Columns section, select which columns to display, such as the item description column, delivery time column, or price column.
    • In the Buttons section, select the buttons to display, such as Add to Cart, Edit Cart, and Delete Item.
    • In the Button Labels section, enter new labels to replace the default button labels.

      A new label is used on all screens that the button appears on. For example, the Continue Shopping button is used on several screens, so changing its label affects all those screens.

  6. If required, configure the widget and column macros.
  7. Save the record, and then test the results of your configuration by ordering items from your service catalog.

    Some settings and properties in your instance may override or affect your cart layout. See Overriding Cart Layouts for Items for more details.