Table relationships installed with catalog item designer

Some equivalent information is stored as records in different tables in creating, publishing, or requesting areas to provide a controlled environment for item design.

For example, catalog items are stored as Item [sc_ic_item_staging] records in the creating area, as Catalog Item [sc_cat_item] records in the publishing area, and as Requested item [sc_req_item] records in the requesting area.

This table illustrates the relationships for these records.
Creating Publishing Requesting
Task [sc_ic_task_defn_staging] Task Definition [sc_ic_task_defn] Task Definition (Requested Item) [sc_ic_req_item_task_defn]
Item [sc_ic_item_staging] Catalog item [sc_cat_item] Requested item [sc_req_item]
Approval [sc_ic_aprvl_defn_staging] Approval Definition [sc_ic_aprvl_defn] Approval Definition (Requested Item) [sc_ic_req_item_aprvl_defn]
Approval Type [sc_ic_aprvl_type_defn_staging] Approval Type Definition [sc_ic_aprvl_type_defn]
Question [sc_ic_question] Variables [sc_item_variables_task]
Task Assignment [sc_ic_task_assign_defn_staging] Task Assignment Definition [sc_ic_task_assign_defn]