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Add a participant

Add a participant

If the conference participants decide that the input of another user is required, that user can be invited to join the current conference call.

About this task

Participants who may have involuntarily dropped out of the conference can also contact the conference call initiator, who can add them to the conference call.

Note: The content applies to the Legacy Notify plugin and not to the Notify plugin.


  1. Open the form for the relevant active conference call.
  2. Click the Invite to Conference Call related link.
  3. Select participants as described for launching a conference call.
  4. The selected participant is called directly and can join the conference. If you try to add a user that is already in another call to a conference call, the following message appears:

    [Name] is already active in a call

    If you try to start a new call with a user that is already in a conference call, two messages are shown, the first stating this is an invalid participant and the second that this person is already in another call.

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