Define change request assignment rules

You can define assignment rules to automate the process of assigning change requests to the appropriate group or individual.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

You can define an assignment rule either for the change request on a whole, or for individual change tasks as they get generated by change requests.


  1. Navigate to System Policy > Assignment and then click New.
  2. Populate the fields as follows:
    • Name - Database Change
    • Table - Change Request [change_request]
    • Group - Database
    • Conditions - Dot-walk to "Configuration Item.Class is Database".

    To test the assignment rule, navigate to Change > Create New and populate the form with the following:

    • Configuration Item - bond trade ny (or any other Configuration Item with a class of Database.)

    Save the change and add the Assignment Group field to the form. The proper assignment group should be added:

    Assignment group added to the change request