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Software Asset Management plugin setup process

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Software Asset Management plugin setup process

Complete a set of steps to prepare to manage your software assets.

To get started with Software Asset Management plugin:
  • Identify Software Owned. The following methods identify the software your organization owns:
    • Use Discovery to identify currently owned software and begin working with Software Asset Management plugin.
    • Identify and add the software manually or with a third-party tool.
  • Make the Configuration Management Database Accurate

    Clean up information in the configuration management database (CMDB). At first, focus on your top 10-20 software vendors.

  • Create Software Models

    Create software models for all of the software your organization wants to monitor. Software models can also be imported from another source such as a Discovery application, an existing data set of software licenses, or a third-party source.

  • Create Software License Records

    Create software license records for all of the software your organization owns. This information can also be based on information from a purchasing source or imported as a spreadsheet.

  • Configure Software Counters

    Configure software counters to view your organization's software compliance levels for all of your software.