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View a report for on-call scheduling

View a report for on-call scheduling

You can schedule a report of users who are on-call or a catch-all for one or more groups during a specific time period.

Before you begin

Role required: itil


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > Schedule Report.
  2. Select the start and end dates for the report.
  3. Enter the first few letters of the desired group into the Name field to see a list of groups that start with those letters, or select the All groups check box to see a list of all available groups.
  4. Select at least one group in the slushbucket.
  5. For Report style, select one of the following.
    • Table: to display the report on-screen as a list that can be sorted, filtered, and configured, like other lists.
    • Formatted: to generate a report in PDF format.
  6. Click Run Report.
  7. If you selected Formatted, click the Click to Print button to print the report.

    The report shows the on-call commitments for all selected groups during the selected date range.

    Schedule Report Formatted Report

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