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Create a provisioning rule for VMware

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Create a provisioning rule for VMware

Provisioning rules enable an administrator to select which vCenter resources (datacenter, network, and folder) are used to provision virtual machines for a specific virtual machine category (such as Dev, QA, or Prod) or for any category if the Category field in the rule is left empty.

Before you begin

Role required: itil role (in the VMware approvers group) or cloud_admin role (in the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group), vmware_operator, admin

About this task

Rule Order

Each rule has an Order field that defines the sequence for evaluating the rules. The rules are evaluated by the Select Datacenter, Network, and Folder activity.

When that activity runs, it finds all the provisioning rules that apply to a particular vCenter instance and category (rules with a blank category match any category), and then uses the provisioning rule with the lowest order value. By carefully choosing order values for provisioning rules, you can ensure that rules for specific categories are evaluated before (low order values) provisioning rules for any category (high order values).


You may want more than one datacenter, network, or folder to be used for virtual machines on a particular vCenter instance and category. For example, you have a vCenter containing two datacenters, and you'd like to provision 75% of the virtual machines to one datacenter, and 25% to the other.

You can do this by creating two provisioning rules for the particular vCenter and category with the same order value for each. Multiple rules with the same vCenter, Category, and Order values trigger this special behavior. Give each provisioning rule a Weight value proportional to the percentage of the time you want the rule to be used. For this example, you might choose Weight values of 300 and 100. Any other numbers in the same proportion would also work, like 3 and 1. To check the percentage for any given rule, calculate the Weight value of that rule divided by the sum of the Weight values for all the rules with the same vCenter, category, and order value. In the example, the calculations would be 300 / (300 + 100) = 75%, and 100 / (300 + 100) = 25%, which meets the goal.

Creating a Provisioning Rule


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Rules > Provisioning Rules.
  2. Click New and then create a unique Name for this rule.
  3. Select a Category.

    If you do not select a category, the rule applies to any category.

  4. Select the vCenter to use for this category.

    The Datacenter field appears.

  5. Select a datacenter from the list of datacenters available for this vCenter.

    The Network and Folder fields appear.

  6. Select an appropriate network and a folder.
  7. Enter an Order value to establish the order in which this rule is evaluated.
  8. If you create multiple rules with the same Category, vCenter, and Order, select an appropriate Weight to determine which virtual machines, by proportion, are provisioned with this rule.
  9. Click Submit.