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Activate pattern debug mode

Activate pattern debug mode

Working in the debug mode, Pattern Designer performs all operations as you configure them. It allows you to see their result immediately.

Before you begin

Before starting this procedure, verify that the debug mode is not activated. If the debug mode is activated, the debug button appears with the green check icon: .

Role required: sm_admin

About this task

Many operations require that you enter a specific value from a specific source, for example, a particular value, or a particular location and delimiter, in a particular file. If you are not in the debug mode, you need to remember and type details such as path and file name, or an actual relevant value or related information. However, if you work in the debug mode, you can browse to and open information sources such as files, and then select specific values from those files.

When you activate the debug mode, the following additional actions become available:

Table 1. Debug Mode Actions
Action Description
Search assistant Allows you to search within files or the registry.
Note: Perform additional configuration to enable this feature as described in Configuring Search Assistant for Windows.
Run command Runs all steps on the target machine. Verifies that all required attributes contain values, and that discovery leads to a valid CI with no errors.
Test Tests the current step. This action is automatically run after you define a step and create a new one.
Activate Enables the new pattern.

If you are not in the debug mode, actions are not performed and values are not displayed in the tables.


  1. In the Pattern Designer, click Debug.
    The Debug Identification Section window is displayed.
  2. Fill in the required details for the entry point type:
    Field Description
    Type Select the required entry point type from the list.
    Host Enter the relevant value for the entry point host.
    Port Enter the relevant value for the entry point post.
    Protocol Enter the relevant value for the entry point protocol.
    Original IP

    Select the check box and enter the IP for this entry point.

  3. The Debug Identification Section window, click Debug.
    The debug mode is activated and the green check mark appears on the Debug button .
  4. To deactivate the debug mode, click the Debug button in the Pattern Designer window.