Orchestration configuration and workflow

The Discover vCenter workflow is particularly useful for an administrator who has just installed vCenter and wants to begin using it for cloud management, but has not purchased Discovery.

About this task

Administrators can configure instances with Orchestration to run a workflow called Discover vCenter to populate the CMDB with vCenter data without having to activate the Discovery plugin.

The workflow resolves the DNS name and populates the CMDB by running the standard VMware - vCenter probe (installed by default). You must have a properly configured MID Server connected to the ServiceNow instance to use this feature.

You can discover a vCenter instance using one of these methods available on the VMware vCenter Instance form:
  • Discover vCenter Details: This related link is available to users with the vmware_operator role.
  • Scheduled discoveries: Users with the cloud_admin role can create and edit scheduled discoveries from this related list. Users with the vmware_operator role can view scheduled discoveries.
Note: For more information about these roles and capabilities, see Cloud user groups.

To discover a single vCenter instance:


  1. Navigate to VMware Cloud > Configuration > vCenter Instances.
  2. Select the vCenter instance you want to discover.
  3. Under Related Links, click Discover vCenter Details.
    Figure 1. Discover vCenter UI Action