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Configure Discovery identity sensors

Configure Discovery identity sensors

You must have a properly configured multi-sensor for each identity probe in your system. This topic explains how to configure Discovery identity sensors.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, admin

About this task

These multisensors pass the data returned by the identity probes to the Discovery identifiers. The identifiers then search the CMDB for matching CIs. When the identity of a device is resolved, the identifiers pass the result state for the device to the multisensors, which react accordingly, either by launching exploration probes or stopping Discovery for that device. See Discovery CMDB identifiers for details on the interaction between multisensors and the identifier.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Sensors.
  2. Select an existing identity multisensor from the list.
    Note: To avoid confusion, the multisensors provided in ServiceNow have the same names as their matching multiprobes.

    The Responds to Probes related list shows the simple probes which pass their data to this multisensor. These are the same simple probes that appear in the Includes Probes list in the matching multiprobe record.

  3. Click the Script link for each probe in the list to see the script that the multisensor runs to process the data from the probe.


Figure 1. Discovery multisensor and script