Create a Discovery schedule for an Azure subscription

Create a Discovery schedule for an Azure subscription to find the resources that the subscription is allowed to manage.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • A service principal associated with an Azure subscription.


  1. Navigate to Microsoft Azure Discovery > Accounts (Subscriptions).
  2. Open the subscription for which you want to create a Discovery schedule.
  3. Click the Create Discovery Schedule related link.
  4. On the Discovery Schedule form, specify the schedule for Discovery.
    Field Value
    Name Name of the Azure subscription that uses the Discovery schedule that is defined on this page.
    Discover Type of resources to discover.
    MID server MID server that will manage the Discovery process.
    Active Check box to activate this schedule.
    Max run time Overall time period over which the schedule applies. For example, enter 365 days if you want this schedule to be used for one year. Specify a period less than a day using hh:mm:ss format.
    Run How often the schedule runs.
  5. Click Submit.


Discovery runs and populates your CMDB (configuration management database) and images that you can later approve to offer to cloud users in the catalog. The current state of the resource, if applicable, is updated accordingly (for example, Azure virtual machine instances, Azure virtual networks, Azure subnets, etc.).