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Collect software data with either SCCM or Discovery

Collect software data with either SCCM or Discovery

When Discovery and SCCM are both enabled on a system, the software records found through both tools could overwrite each other.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Properties.
  2. Set the Windows software is SCCM managed property (glide.discovery.software_sccm_managed) appropriately.
    If this property is set to Yes, software for computer CIs is populated in the CMDB by SCCM. An internal process determines that the computer is managed by SCCM, and Discovery does not populate the software records for Windows software data. The following information level message is written to the Discovery log file.

    Skipping software population because the CI is managed by SCCM

    If the check box is cleared, the property is set to No, and the system manages software data with Windows.

  3. Click Save.
    Important: If SCCM Integration is active before Discovery is enabled and the property is enabled, then Discovery ignores the population of software for any CIs that are also imported through SCCM. If Discovery is enabled before the SCCM Integration, it is possible for software installation data from both sources to be mixed.