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Discovery Windows probes and permissions

Discovery Windows probes and permissions

Discovery accesses devices and software by executing commands as a specific user.

Most probes require access to Windows classes, properties, and registry entries. Certain probes also require additional access to Windows directories and resources. Security policies vary by organization, so there is no one specific role or right to grant. Ensure that the Windows user has local admin permission for these Windows components.

Windows Classes

Most Windows probes access Windows classes and properties contained in those classes. Microsoft provides a list of classes and properties, and information on setting permissions to view these classes.

Some Windows classes do not specify a file namespace path. ServiceNow uses root\cimv2\<Class> by default if an explicit path is not specified.
Table 1. Windows Classes
Probe Windows Class Property
Hyper-V - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Dependent
Hyper-V - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Antecedent
Hyper-V - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Type
Hyper-V - Resource Pools root\virtualization\Msvm_ResourcePool ResourceSubType
Hyper-V - Resource Pools root\virtualization\Msvm_ResourcePool Name
Hyper-V - Resource Pools root\virtualization\Msvm_ResourcePool Capacity
Hyper-V - Resource Pools root\virtualization\Msvm_ResourcePool AllocationUnits
Hyper-V - Resource Pools root\virtualization\Msvm_ResourcePool InstanceID
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_MemorySettingData VirtualQuantity
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem ElementName
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem TimeOfLastStateChange
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_LogicalDisk NumberOfBlocks
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_MemorySettingData AllocationUnits
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData ChassisSerialNumber
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPortSettingData InstanceID
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData BIOSGUID
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem Description
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem Name
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_LogicalDisk BlockSize
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData BIOSSerialNumber
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData BaseBoardSerialNumber
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData SystemName
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_LogicalDisk ElementName
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_LogicalDisk SystemName
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ProcessorSettingData VirtualQuantity
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ProcessorSettingData InstanceID
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem EnabledState
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPortSettingData ElementName
Hyper-V - Virtual Machines root\virtualization\Msvm_MemorySettingData InstanceID
Hyper-V - Virtual Networks root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSwitch Name
Hyper-V - Virtual Networks root\virtualization\Msvm_VirtualSwitch ElementName
Hyper-V - Virtual Networks root\virtualization\Msvm_ActiveConnection Antecedent
Hyper-V - Virtual Networks root\virtualization\Msvm_ActiveConnection Dependent
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process Description
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process CreationDate
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process CommandLine
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process Caption
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process Priority
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process ProcessId
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process ParentProcessId
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process Name
Windows - Active Processes Win32_Process ExecutablePath
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Name
Windows - Classify Win32_ComputerSystem Domain
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Name
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Type
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource PrivateProperties
Windows - Classify root\virtualization\Msvm_ComputerSystem Name
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Dependent
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Antecedent
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResource PartComponent
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResource GroupComponent
Windows - Classify Win32_OperatingSystem Caption
Windows - Classify root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Cluster Name
Windows - Classify Win32_ComputerSystem Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Cluster Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Network AddressMask
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResource GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Type
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Characteristics
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroup Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToQuorumResource PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroupToResource PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Network Address
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource PrivateProperties
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Status
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Flags
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroup PrivateProperties
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToQuorumResource GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroupToResource GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToActiveGroup GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Network Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Cluster Status
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Caption
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node State
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Dependent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceType Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToNetworkInterface GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToActiveGroup PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Network Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Cluster Caption
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNetworkInterface GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node NodeInstanceID
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNode Antecedent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceType PrivateProperties
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToNetworkInterface PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceToPossibleOwner PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NetworkInterface Address
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNetworkInterface PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToActiveResource PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceType DisplayName
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Event Type
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceToPossibleOwner GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NetworkInterface Network
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNetwork PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Status
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NodeToActiveResource GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceType Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Event Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NetworkInterface DeviceID
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Resource Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NetworkInterface Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToNetwork GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node Caption
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceToDependentResource Dependent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroup State
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResourceGroup PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceTypeToResource PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Cluster Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_NetworkInterface Name
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResource PartComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_Node PrivateProperties
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceToDependentResource Antecedent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceGroup Description
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ClusterToResourceGroup GroupComponent
Windows - Cluster root\MSCluster\MSCluster_ResourceTypeToResource GroupComponent
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory DeviceLocator
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory TypeDetail
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory FormFactor
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory MemoryType
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory DataWidth
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory TotalWidth
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory BankLabel
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory Status
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_Processor Manufacturer
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_Processor NumberOfCores
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory Speed
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_Processor MaxClockSpeed
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_Processor NumberOfLogicalProcessor
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory SerialNumber
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_Processor Name
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory PartNumber
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory Capacity
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory Manufacturer
Windows - CPU / Memory Win32_PhysicalMemory Tag
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk Size
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk FreeSpace
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk DeviceID
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk FileSystem
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk DriveType
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk Description
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk VolumeSerialNumber
Windows - Disks Win32_LogicalDisk VolumeName
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebServerSetting SecureBindings
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebServerSetting Name
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebServerSetting LogFileDirectory
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebInfo MinorIIsVersionNumber
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebInfo MajorIIsVersionNumber
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebServerSetting ServerComment
Windows - Get IIS Information root\MicrosoftIISv2\IIsWebServerSetting ServerBindings
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_ComputerSystemProduct UUID
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_ComputerSystemProduct IdentifyingNumber
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_SystemEnclosure ChassisTypes
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_BIOS SerialNumber
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_SystemEnclosure SerialNumber
Windows - Hardware Information Win32_BaseBoard SerialNumber
Windows - Installed Software Win32_OperatingSystem Caption
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Index
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration DHCPEnabled
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration MACAddress
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration IPSubnet
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration IPAddress
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapter Index
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Caption
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapter Manufacturer
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration DefaultIPGateway
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapter NetConnectionID
Windows - Network Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration IPEnabled
Windows - OS Information Win32_OperatingSystem CSDVersion
Windows - OS Information Win32_OperatingSystem Version
Windows - OS Information Win32_ComputerSystem UserName
Windows - OS Information Win32_ComputerSystem Model
Windows - OS Information Win32_ComputerSystem Manufacturer
Windows - OS Information Win32_Processor AddressWidth
Windows - OS Information Win32_OperatingSystem Description
Windows - Printers Win32_Printer Name
Windows - Printers Win32_TCPIPPrinterPort HostAddress
Windows - Printers Win32_TCPIPPrinterPort Name
Windows - Printers Win32_Printer PortName
Windows - Printers Win32_Printer DeviceID
Windows - Services Win32_Service ProcessId
Windows - Services Win32_Service ServiceType
Windows - Services Win32_Service StartName
Windows - Services Win32_Service DisplayName
Windows - Services Win32_Service State
Windows - Services Win32_Service StartMode
Windows - Services Win32_Service PathName
Windows - Services Win32_Service DesktopInteract
Windows - Services Win32_Service Name
Windows - Services Win32_Service AcceptStop
Windows - Services Win32_Service AcceptPause