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Discovery configuration console processing

Discovery configuration console processing

When you use the configuration console to disable Discovery for specific configuration items (CI), the system disables probes or classifiers and prevents Discovery from adding those CIs to the CMDB.

This table illustrates how the system configures Discovery elements to prevent CIs from being added to the CMDB.

Table 1. Background processing for configuration console
Category table Example Reference table Field Description
Protocol Category [discovery_category_protocol] Top level Device categories, such as:
  • Network Devices,
  • Windows Servers & Computers
  • Unix Servers & Computers
Port probes [discovery_port_probe] active_discover_cis Turning off this field prevents Discovery from attempting to use that protocol to discover CIs, but allows port probe to be used elsewhere for scanning.
Device Classification Category [discovery_category_device_class] Everything under the label Discover by Device Class, such as
  • Windows 2008 Servers
  • Linux Servers
Classifiers [discovery_classy] disabled Turning off this field disables the respective classifier. See the Disabling classifiers section below the table for more information.
Device Info Category [discovery_category_device_info] Everything under the label Discover by Device Info, such as:
  • Windows Software
Classifier Probes [discovery_classifier_probe] active Turning off this field only determines which probes are triggered by a certain classifier and does not turn off the actual probe. The probe is still available for use elsewhere, but is not available to the classifier for which it was disabled.
Application Category [discovery_category_appl] Everything in the Applications panel Process Classifiers [discovery_classy_proc] active Turning off this field disables the respective classifier.

Disabling classifiers

Disabling Discovery for a specific configuration item does not prevent Discovery from finding the CI, but prevents the system from classifying and entering the CI into the CMDB. The system stops Discovery when the disabled classifier is detected. This prevents the system from skipping a higher order of classification and identifying the CI at a lower level of classification. For example, if you disable Discovery of Windows 2008 Servers in the console, the system stops Discovery when it detects the disabled server classifier and does not run the Windows Computer classifier.