Modify an HR catalog item

An HR catalog item is a record producer that enables users to submit HR requests from the HR catalog. You can modify catalog items.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, hr_manager, or hr_admin

About this task

The easiest way to create catalog items is from the Manage HR Catalog module. When you create a catalog item, an associated HR case category and HR case template are also created. You can also attach knowledge articles to the catalog item and customize the catalog item.

Some catalog items are predefined. Before you customize the predefined Employee information change, Employee onboarding, or Employee offboarding catalog items, review the following variable conditions.
Table 1. Variables in catalog items
Catalog item Description
Employee onboarding Ensure that the following variables are entered in the catalog item to correctly populate corresponding mandatory fields in the HR profile: First name, Last name, and Personal email.
Employee offboarding Ensure that the following variables are entered in the catalog item: Employee to offboard, Offboard type, and Employment end date.
Employee information change Ensure the variable names match the field names on the HR Profile table to allow automated updates of shared data through the Employee Change HR Workflow process.

You can edit a catalog item after you create it in the Manage HR Catalog module. If you click the edit catalog item icon, it opens the same form described in the following steps.


  1. Navigate to HR - Administration > Catalog & Templates > Maintain Catalog Items.
  2. Open the catalog item to customize.
  3. Modify the catalog item as needed, but do not change the Model, which is the HR case template.
    See Create a record producer for descriptions of the fields on this form. The Category selection in the Accessibility section identifies where the catalog item you are creating appears in the catalog, for example, under Requests or Benefits.
  4. In the What it will contain section, make sure the Script field includes one of the following scripts based on the HR case type.
    Case Management
    hr_Factory.wrap(current,gs).configure(producer,"case_management","<HR category>");
    Employee Change
    hr_Factory.wrap(current,gs).configure(producer,"employee_change","<HR category>");
    Note: Employee change case type is used for the employee onboarding, offboarding, and information change catalog items.
    Where <HR category> is the case category, such as Onboarding or Benefits, that is displayed in the Category field of a case opened from this catalog item. When you create a new catalog item, the default script must be replaced with one of the scripts listed.
  5. Verify that variable names match column names in the HR Profile [hr_profile] table. For example, to have a personal_email catalog item variable, there must be a matching field named personal_email in the hr_profile table.
    This verification ensures that the value entered in the catalog item is automatically populated in the HR profile and corresponding HR case.
  6. Click Update.