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HR employee data management

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HR employee data management

HR Employee Data Management manages employee personal information, employment verification letter requests, onboarding tasks for new employees, and offboarding tasks for employees leaving the company.

HR specialists, generalists, and managers can:

  • Onboard new employees.
  • Offboard employees leaving the company.
  • Update employee personal information.
  • Send employment verification letters.

Employee data management cases can have multiple tasks assigned.

Example HR case request

Alan, an HR recruiter wants to send onboarding documents to new hires.

  1. A hiring manager creates an onboarding request through the HR Service Portal or, Alan creates an HR onboarding request through HR - Employee Data Management. An HR onboarding case is created and assigned to an HR agent, such as a specialist or generalist, based on assignment rules.
  2. The case is submitted for approval.
  3. After receiving approval, the HR agent processes the HR case, creating HR tasks for this request. Tasks are assigned to the new employee and HR agents.
  4. When all the tasks are completed, the HR case is closed.