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HR benefits

You can define and maintain HR benefit data that is used for creating and assigning benefits cases.

The HR Benefits module contains a list of all open benefits cases and allows HR agents to enroll employees in the company benefit plans. HR agents can add and modify benefit providers and benefit types. Tuition reimbursement cases are managed through the HR Benefits module.

The following information is set up and maintained as part of the HR Benefits module. Employees can access HR benefits information and submit HR benefits cases from the HR Service Portal. HR managers or administrators set up and modify the information.
  • HR Benefits Case Management
  • HR Benefits
    • Beneficiaries
    • Dental benefits
    • Medical benefits
    • Pharmacy benefits
    • Retirement benefits
    • Vision benefits
  • Benefit Providers and Types
  • Tuition Reimbursements

HR specialists, generalists, and managers can perform any of the following tasks.

  • Create HR benefits cases for employees to record the processing of HR requests, such as a request from an employee for tuition reimbursement or a request for information about a benefit.
  • Create HR cases for automated HR processes, such as employee medical insurance enrollment.
  • View HR benefits case information and manage the overall HR workload. For example, a manager can work with all HR cases that are not assigned.

HR benefits cases can have one or more associated HR tasks to manage individual pieces of work within the case.