Account relationship records

Once an account relationship type has been defined, users with the customer service manager role can use it to create relationship records between specific accounts or partners.

An account relationship record includes the following information:
  • A source account, selected in the Account From field.
  • A target account, selected in the Account To field.
  • The account relationship type that this relationship record is based on.
  • The relationship and the reverse relationship of the selected accounts.
Once a relationship record has been created, you can see the relationship from either account:
  • The relationship (Account From > Account To) appears in the Account Relationships related list on the source account record.
  • The reverse relationship (Account To > Account From) appears in the Account Relationships related list on the target account record.
Select the account relationship record from either account to see the Account Relationship form.
Figure 1. Account Relationship form
Account Relationship form

The system administrator and the customer service manager can create and delete account relationship records as well as view all relationship records based on a specific account relationship type.

When a relationship is deleted, the reverse relationship is also deleted.