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Compare a local Update Set

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Compare a local Update Set

Administrators can preview local and remote (retrieved) Update Sets and compare the sets with one another to resolve conflicting changes.

About this task

Compare local Update Sets to identify collisions and ensure that the proper changes are being committed. Resolve all conflicts before moving an Update Set between instances.


  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Local Update Sets.
  2. Select the check boxes beside the Update Sets to compare.
  3. In the Action choice list, select Compare Update Sets.
    The progress screen appears as ServiceNow generates the collision report.
    Progress screen for the Update Set Collision report
  4. Click Go to the Collision Report when the report is complete.

    The Update Set Collisions list appears, showing all the changes in the selected sets.

  5. Inspect the list for collisions by locating duplicate Collision Numbers that show the same change in separate Update Sets.
    Update Set Collisions
  6. Resolve the collision by deleting the unwanted update record from one of the Update Sets.
    1. Click the link in the Sys update column for the unwanted update (sys_ui_list_incident_null in the example).
    2. Click Delete.
      Note: You must open the update record to delete the record. You cannot delete the update by selecting the check box for the entry in the Update Set Collisions list and using the Delete action. When you delete the update record, the customization is not backed out of the instance. Only the record of the customization is deleted.
      Update Record
  7. Run the comparison again to make sure all collisions have been resolved.