Search for an application file by name or type

Studio allows application developers to search for application files by name and by type.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

This procedure requires creating a scoped application.

About this task

You can search for application files to add, remove, or update the features of a custom application.


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. From the Develop tab, click the Edit button next to the application you want to modify.
    The system opens the application in the Studio.
  3. From the header, click Go To.
    You can also use a Studio keyboard shortcut.
    Table 1. Studio keyboard shortcut
    Keyboard combination Description

    Windows: Control+Shift+O

    Mac: Command+Shift+O

    Go To. Open any file in your application.
    Studio opens the Go To window.
  4. Enter a search string.
    A pop-up window with the Go To field containing the search string Mo and the search results. In this case, there are four matching search results: the table name, the module for the table, the mobile application menu for the table, and the mobile module for the table.
    Studio displays a list of matching application files as you type.
  5. From the list of search results, click a record name.
    Studio opens the application file record in a new tab in the content frame.