Scoped GlideSPScriptable - getCatalogItem(String sysId, Boolean isOrdering)

Returns a model and view model for a sc_cat_item or sc_cat_item_guide.

This method is available in HP9a, HP10 and subsequent releases.

See Apply permissions to a service catalog variable for information on security roles for Service Catalog variables.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
sysId String The sys_id of the catalog item (sc_cat_item) or order guide (sc_cat_item_guide).
isOrdering Boolean When true, uses create roles security check. When false, uses write roles security check.

When users are ordering an item or have it in their cart, check using the create roles.

If users are not ordering, for example, somebody is looking at a requested item to see the variables associated with that item, then check using the write roles.

Table 2. Returns
Type Description
Object An object containing the catalog item variable model, view, sections, pricing, and client scripts.