GlideForm - showFieldMsg(String field, String message, String type)

Displays either an informational or error message under the specified form field (either a control object or the name of the field). If the control or field is off the screen, the form scrolls to the field.

A global property (glide.ui.scroll_to_message_field) is available that controls automatic message scrolling when the form field is off screen (scrolls the form to the control or field).

The showErrorBox() method is a shorthand method that does not require the type parameter.

Note: This method does not work with the journal_field type field in UI16.
Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
field String Name of the field or control.
message String Message to display.
type String Either "error" or "info."
Table 2. Returns
Type Description

g_form.showFieldMsg('impact','Low impact response time can be one week','info');