DiscoveryBehaviorRecord - getStuffForResult(String result, String scanner, String phase, String midServer, String status)

Gets a hashmap of information from this behavior if we can find a port probe that probes the given service name and for which the functionality criteria are met with the given left-hand values and right-hand values. Returns null if no such port probe exists.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
result String The ShazzamResult instance for the device being processed.
scanner String The ShazzamScanner instance for the scanner being processed.
phase String The current phase of the behavior.
midServer String The MIDserver instance for the MID server whose Shazzam results are being processed.
status String The DiscoveryStatus instance for the current discover.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
Object A hashmap with these properties, or null if none.
  • behavior: the DiscoveryBehaviorRecord instance containing the service found
  • functionality: the DiscoveryFunctionality instance containing the service found
  • functionalityDefinition: the DiscoveryFunctionalityDefinition instance containing the service found
  • portProbe: the DiscoveryPortProbe instance containing the service found
  • service: the IPService instance found