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Use a grouped list

Use a grouped list

You can quickly find information in a list by grouping the list. There are many ways you can use a list after you group the records in it.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. To group items in a list, use one of the following methods.
    • On the title bar, click the context menu and select Group By. Select the field by which to group the list. To remove a grouping, select -- None --.
    • Right-click the column name and select Group By. To remove a grouping, select Ungroup.
  2. Use any of the following actions to expand the groups.
    To expand or collapse a group Click the arrow (Arrow icon) next to the group name.
    To expand or collapse all groups Click the arrow at the top of the list.
    To open the full list for a group Click the group name.
    To see all records for a given group Open the full list.
  3. To change the number of records per page, click the title menu and select Show.
    The maximum number of records shown per group is the number of records per page in list view.