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Filters and breadcrumbs

Filters and breadcrumbs

A filter is a set of conditions applied to a table to help you find and work with a subset of the data in that table.

You can apply, modify, create, and save filters. A hierarchical list of conditions at the top of the table—breadcrumbs—indicates the current filter.

Breadcrumbs offer a quick form of filter navigation. The left condition is the most general, and the right condition is the most specific. Clicking a breadcrumb removes all the conditions to its right. Clicking the condition separator (>) before a condition removes only that condition.

Figure 1. Breadcrumbs
  • Clicking Priority = 2 removes the condition Category = Software and returns all active incidents with a priority of 2.
  • Clicking the condition separator (>) before Priority = 2 removes the condition Priority = 2 and returns all active incidents in the software category.
  • Clicking All removes all conditions and returns all incidents in the system.

Click a breadcrumb to refresh the list of records and show the latest information from the database for those records.

Note: Clicking the New button in a filtered list automatically applies the same filter to the new record. For example, in a list filtered for active, priority 1 incidents, clicking New opens a new record preset with Active selected and Priority set to 1 - Critical. You can change the preset values on the form as needed. If there is a field you do not want to have populated in this way, you can add the following dictionary attribute to the field: ignore_filter_on_new=true.

Additional navigational functions are available when you right-click a breadcrumb.

Table 1. Breadcrumb right-click options
Option Description
Open new window Opens the results list for the breadcrumb in a new tab or window.
Copy URL Copies the URL to the clipboard for the results list of the breadcrumb. Follow browser instructions if browser security restricts this function.
Copy query Copies the encoded query to the clipboard for the breadcrumb. You can use this query in the URL of an instance or in the reference qualifier field of a dictionary entry.

For example, if you are viewing a list of all active incidents with a high or medium impact, right-click the breadcrumb and copy the query active=true^impact=1^ORimpact=2. You can append this query to the end of the instance URL as follows:


This selection is not available for the All breadcrumb.