After migration to Knowledge v3

These items are relevant to getting the full range of new functionality after you migrate.

  • If you have not upgraded to Geneva Patch 3, you must create a category structure in the destination knowledge bases for existing articles. Since knowledge v3 supports multiple knowledge bases, Topic and Category fields are deprecated and searching is only supported on the new Category and Subcategory fields. For usability and display purposes, we recommend limiting your category levels to five deep (or fewer).
  • If you have not upgraded to Geneva Patch 3 and the Knowledge article form was customized in knowledge v2, you must open the article form and add the Knowledge Base field to allow creation of new articles. The Knowledge Base field is mandatory in knowledge v3.
  • You must configure knowledge access controls based on user criteria to ensure that users can access existing knowledge content. Since access control in knowledge v3 is intended to be based on user criteria alone, users may be unable to access v2 or v3 knowledge articles, or have restricted access, with preexisting ACLs.
  • If the home page was customized in knowledge v2, custom layout and links are not saved in knowledge v3.