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Create or modify menu actions in Legacy BSM

Create or modify menu actions in Legacy BSM

To change an existing menu option, copy the original menu action record, and then modify the copy. This ensures that ServiceNow can update the record normally during the upgrade process and allows you to restore the original menu option quickly, if necessary.

About this task

To create a new menu option:


  1. Navigate to Dependency Views > Legacy BSM > Menu Actions and click New.
    BSM menu action form
  2. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. BSM Menu Action form
    Field Description
    Name Descriptive name that appears as the menu option.
    Item Map element for which the menu option displays. Valid values are Node for the menu on a CI and Relationship for the menu on a relationship link.
    Type Menu action type being created, either a menu option or a menu separator. The menu separator is a single line. When the type is a separator, the Script field is ignored.
    Order Physical location of the option in the menu. The option with the lowest order number appears first in the menu. All editable and custom options appear below the permanent menu options.
    Active Check box that allows you to enable or disable this record.
    Condition Condition that triggers the display of this menu option. If the condition evaluates to false the menu option does not display.
    Script Script that is executed in the browser when the menu option is selected.
  3. To change an existing menu option:
    1. Navigate to BSM Maps > Menu Actions and open the menu action you want to edit.
    2. Right-click in the header and click Insert and Stay.
      This creates a duplicate copy of the menu action and leaves it open for editing.
    3. Change the name of the copied record to avoid confusion.
    4. Modify the form fields as necessary and save the record.
    5. Open the original record and disable it by clearing the Active check box.