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Express conversion to Enterprise overview

Express conversion to Enterprise overview

As you plan your upgrade from the ServiceNow Express platform to the ServiceNow Enterprise platform, become aware of the many features and resources that are available to you, both inside and outside of your instance.

Your upgraded instance will have significant new functionality that is part of the standard service management suite, including the following.

  • Graphical workflow: Simplify complex service catalog requests with the highly configurable drag-and-drop workflow editor.
  • Scripting: Extend your instance beyond standard configurations.
  • Content management: create a custom interface for the ServiceNow platform and ServiceNow applications.

In addition to the standard service management suite, there are additional applications and suites that your organization can purchase, for example, financial and human resources applications, and the operation management suite. The ServiceNow Express platform did not offer these solutions, and it is recommended that you explore the resources available to learn about extending your ServiceNow Enterprise instance.

Where you may have been using the Express support site forums for help, a larger Enterprise community site is now available.

There are many resources available on the community site and on YouTube, but the ServiceNow Demo Center is the best resource to quickly learn about Enterprise platform functionality. The Demo Center offers on-demand videos and live presentations where you can ask questions via chat.

Click here to access the Demo Center. Enter email address you registered with ServiceNow as your username, and reset your password if you are attempting to access the Demo Center for the first time.

Recommended Demo Center videos for an organization that upgrades from the Express platform to the Enterprise platform include the following: