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Set the maximum number of workflow activities

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Set the maximum number of workflow activities

Limit the number of executing activities contained in your workflow to prevent runaway processing loops.

About this task

The number of executing activities in a workflow context is the sum of the entries in the activity history list and the currently executing activities. When the workflow reaches the maximum number of executing activities allowed by this setting, the workflow stops. The default maximum setting is 100. Use a setting that is at least 10% greater than the total number of executing activities you anticipate in your workflow. Make sure you include activities such as Turnstile and Rollback To that cause the workflow to repeat processing.

To change the maximum number of workflow activities:


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Check out a workflow.
  3. In the title bar, click the Workflow Properties icon.
  4. Click the Activities tab.
  5. In the Max activity count field, enter a value that accommodates the expected number of executing activities for the workflow.
  6. Click Update.