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Filter potential assignees based on skills

Filter potential assignees based on skills

In the base system, field service management tasks and project tasks use skills to filter assignments. If a skill is identified in the Skill field, only groups or users with the appropriate skill can be assigned to the task.

The Skills Management feature contains a script include that builds a qualifier based on the assignment group and required skills for the task. For example, the Assigned To field on the Project Task record uses the following reference qualifier (using a dictionary override):

javascript:var util = new SkillsUtils(); util.assignedToRefQual(current);

This script has the following results.

  • If an Assignment group is set, the list is filtered on members of that group.
  • If Skills are set (the Skills field may need to be added to the form), the list is filtered on users with all the selected skills.
  • If Assignment group and Skills are both set, the list is filtered on group members with the defined skills.

You can introduce the same behavior to other task tables by using the same reference qualifier.