System scheduler

The System Scheduler application contains two separate engines for scheduling: the Scheduled Jobs engine and the Schedules engine.

Functionality described here requires the Admin role.
Figure 1. Scheduler

Scheduled Jobs:

Scheduled Jobs performs any work that must be done at a specific time or on a recurring basis. The Scheduled Jobs module links to the Schedule [sys_trigger] table. Manipulating records on the Schedule table is not recommended. Use this table to view existing base system scheduled jobs.

The Scheduled Jobs module in System Definition is an admin-friendly front end for scheduling work. Use this module to create new scheduled jobs.

For more information, see Create a Scheduled Job.


Schedules are rules which include or exclude time on a calendar. They are used by service levels, inactivity monitor, and group on-call rotation. For instance, a schedule can be defined to restrict service levels to only apply to weekdays during business hours, or to exclude holidays from an on-call rotation.

For more information, see Use Schedules.