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Mobile Connect Chat

Mobile Connect Chat

The mobile app UI provides a native mobile interface for Connect Chat.

The Connect plugin must be activated to use Connect Chat in the mobile app UI. Many, but not all of the features supported in the desktop interface are available in the mobile app UI.

Figure 1. Elements of the mobile UI: Connect Chat
The mobile UI for Connect Chat contains a header, which displays buttons, a conversation filter field, a list of open conversations, and a footer for the application navigator button

The mobile Connect Chat user interface consists of the following elements.

Table 1. Elements of the mobile UI: Connect Chat
UI element Description
Back button Returns to the previous screen.
Edit button Turns on conversation editing mode, in which you can delete conversations or mark them as read. Deleting a conversation only removes it from the list. The history is preserved and you can add the conversation back to your list using the new conversation button.
New conversation Opens a new conversation to which you add one or more members.
Filter Enables you to filter conversations by member name.
Conversations Lists your open conversations. You can view All your conversations or only conversations with Unread messages.
Application navigator button Displays the list of menus and modules.