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Performance metrics

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Performance metrics

You can view a wide range of performance metrics for your instance and for the machine on which your instance is running. The information is displayed in a graphical format.

Add performance metric graphs and their controls to your homepage to monitor the performance of your instances. Some of these graphs are intended for use by ServiceNow Technical Support to troubleshoot performance issues or help you tune your system for maximum efficiency. Each graph enables you to filter the data by using different measurements, such as maximum and minimum values, means, and medians. The available graphs reflect performance in eight functional areas.

The administrator or any user who can modify a homepage can add performance metric graphs to a homepage. For more information, see Add existing gauges to a homepage and Homepage customization.

Replication metrics

Replication is the process whereby an entire instance is replicated on a second machine for failover protection. The Replication Throughput graph measures the difference in the data (delta) between the production instance and the replicated instance as user activity changes the database. ServiceNow Technical Support uses this information to monitor the progress of replicating a customer instance.