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Select a service provider

Select a service provider

You can configure how a device's service provider affects the construction of the device's email address.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to User Administration > Users and open any user's record.
  2. Under Related Links, click Notification Preferences, and then click an SMS notification device.
  3. If no SMS device is present, click New Device and configure one.
  4. Select the appropriate service provider, and then click the reference icon for the Service provider field. The service providers are saved in the Notification Service Provider [cmn_notif_service_provider] table. Only active providers are visible.
    Cell phone notification setting
    The Notification Service Provider form provides the following fields:
    Table 1. Selecting a service provider
    Field Input value
    Name Configured name of the service provider.
    Type Type of device - in this case SMS.
    Active Enables or disables this notification device.
    Advanced notification Removes all the previous options and displays the Advanced script field.
    Advanced script Used for custom notifications that run a script rather than construct a traditional SMS/email. This is generally used when all outbound SMS messages must run through a central SMS hub, as opposed to being sent directly from the instance to the SMS provider. Advanced users can construct a script in this field that will send a notification to an old style numeric pager that cannot receive SMS communications. This field is rarely used and employs advanced scripts. Contact your representative to assist you with any advanced SMS scripting.
    Construct address manually Removes the prefix and suffix options and displays the Construction script field
    Construction script Allows you to script the email address construction as you would in a business rule. For example, abc + current.phone_number + would construct an email address of
    Note: Current is a reference to the device, not the service provider, hence the current.phone_number variable that uses the device's phone_number value.
    SMS Provider Email Prefix Places the provided text before the device's specified phone number (e.g.
    SMS Provider Email suffix Places the provided text after '@' sign (e.g. 2223334444@SUFFIX)
    Notification Device Variables Additional, optional attributes of an SMS device used inside an SMS service provider's Advanced script. This is generally used to deliver SMS notifications to an internal SMS distribution technology. This is an advanced scripting procedure and is not necessary for configuring external SMS providers.