Maximum email body size

A system property controls the maximum size of a message body before the instance stops processing inbound email actions.

In some situations, an email message may contain more information in the body than the instance's data policy permits a field to write to the database. By default, an inbound email action can process only up to 16MB worth of information in the message body. If the email body exceeds this limit, the instance truncates the message body. The default value is set to match the data policy write limit of 16MB. You cannot set a higher value without conflicting with the write data policy limit. If you want to set a lower limit, you can add this system property.
Table 1. Maximum body size property
Property Value
Description Specify the maximum size of an email message body in bytes. The size cannot exceed the default value of 16MB.
Type Integer
Value 16777216
Note: Email attachments have a separate size limit.