Translated Name / Field table

The Translated Name / Field [sys_translated] table stores translated values for text fields where the field type is translated_field (see the dictionary entry).

This option is available for text fields up to 255 characters in length. Some examples are names, titles, and short descriptions. The main fields for this table are:
  • Table: name of the table this translation applies to.
  • Element: name of the field this translation applies to.
  • Label (translate): translated text that users see on forms and lists.
  • Language: two-character ISO language code for this translated text.
  • Value: English value that causes this translated text to be displayed. For example, the first item in the illustration represents the text of a multiple choice answer in a survey. If the English text is D – Poor and the current ServiceNow session uses French, that choice appears as D – Faible.
Figure 1. Field list
Figure 2. Translated menu