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Customize a list block

Customize a list block

List blocks are content blocks that dynamically generate a list of links to records within the instance. When a user clicks a link in a list block, the associated information is displayed in a detail page determined by its content type.

Before you begin

Role required: content_admin or admin

About this task

Make the list using a simple query on any table or by scripting a more advanced query. Lists are powerful and flexible. Here are some places that allow you to have complete control over the list display.

Table 1. List control
Option Description
Frames Frames provide a method to create decorative containers for content blocks and other elements within the site. When frames are used with the Type field, the designer has complete control over list placement.
List Type The List Definitions module defines the type of lists available for content pages. On the List Block form, select a list definition in the Type field.
List Filtering Provides every field in the referenced table for more granular results.
Max Entries Limits the results from a table to fit the design of the block.
Order and Order Direction Allows sorting by any field in the referenced table, in either ascending or descending order.

You can also use list blocks to create a list of links to information outside your instance. Create the external links as records on the Content Link [content_link] table, and then follow the steps in this procedure.


  1. To define a list block, navigate to Content Management > Lists and click New.
  2. Complete the form.
    Table 2. List block fields
    Field Input value
    Name Enter a unique name for the list content block. This name is used to identify the record in ServiceNow and is not displayed on the content page. Use the Title field for that purpose.
    Category Select a category to provide organization for the list content block. Default options include:
    • None
    • General
    • Knowledge Base
    • Service Catalog

    Select a list definition UI Macro to format the list of links.

    For more information on list definitions, see List Definitions.

    Frame Select a border style for the list block. For more information, see Creating a New Frame.
    Advanced Select this check box to enable generating a list from a script, rather than a simple filtered query on a particular table.
    Query Filters the results using a condition builder.
    Active Select this check box to make the block available for use.
    Title Enter the name to display at the top of the list block when it appears in a content page.
    Maximum entries Set the maximum number of entries to be displayed in this list block.
    Table Select a table to query for the list items. The table determines which detail page displays a user clicks a link in the list block. For more information, see Configure the Content Type.
    Note: The list shows only tables and database views that are in the same scope as the list block.
    Conditional Select this check box to enable the use of scripted conditions. If selected, a Condition script field is added to the form, along with the Logged On and Omit if empty check boxes.
  3. Click Submit.