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View an assessment instance

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View an assessment instance

An assessment instance represents one occurrence of a questionnaire assigned to one user.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Navigate to Assessments > Assessments > Assessment Instances.
  2. Click an assessment instance number to open the record.
  3. View the record, which displays the following information.
    Table 1. Assessment Instance form
    Field Description
    Number Auto-generated record number.
    Metric type Metric type of this assessment.
    Assessment group Assessment group to which this assessment belongs.
    Due date Date by which the assessment instance must be completed. The system populates the due date from the value in the metric type Assessment duration field. The system generates email notifications related to the due date.
    Note: By default, the system runs a script every 30 days to cancel expired survey and assessment instances that are in the Work in progress or Ready to take states. The schedule item is called Cancel Expired Assessments.
    State State of the assessment. The possible states are Ready to take, In progress, Complete, and Canceled.
    Assigned to User this assessment is assigned to. This field becomes read-only when the state is In progress, Complete, or Canceled.
    Signature Name of the signature record attached to this assessment. A signature requires that assessment recipients acknowledge that they have read any assertions attached to a questionnaire.
    Signature result Verification provided by the recipient when a signature is required. This value is either the recipient's full name from the User [sys_user] table or checked, indicating that the recipient acknowledged reading the assertion by selecting a check box.
  4. Click Take assessment to open the questionnaire.
    This button is available if all the following conditions are true for the assessment instance:
    • It is Assigned to you.
    • The State is Ready to take or In progress.
    • The associated metric type is active.