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View work order task information

View work order task information

Click the task icon on the agent map to view task details.

A summary pop-up window shows the task number and description, the name of the agent if one is assigned to the task, and other important information.

Click a cluster icon to display a summary pop-up listing the number of tasks at that location by State. Click any entry to display detailed summaries for all the tasks in a pane beside the map. You can access individual task records from this list.

The following information is included in a summary pop-up window for a single task and in the summary pane for a task cluster:
  • SLA: the time remaining on an SLA, if one is affected by this task.
  • Priority: the task priority by number, with 1 being the highest priority and 5 being the lowest.
  • Skills needed: the agent skills needed to perform the work.
  • Parts needed: the parts needed to perform the work.
Figure 1. Agent map with task popup

Click the task number link in the summary pop-up or in the summary pane to display the task in a record pop-up. Use the controls under Related Links to accept or reject a task and to update your work status by starting or completing a task.

Figure 2. Agent map with task details