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Manage floor plans

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Manage floor plans

Floor plans can be any type of line drawing, such as a CAD drawing or blueprint, that outlines areas on each floor like meeting rooms and employee cubicles.

To use floor plans with the Facilities application, save the floor plan as one of the supported image file types, and add it to the floor record. If you have any trouble viewing the floor plan on the screen, you might need to resize the image or capture the floor plan in a different resolution.

Facilities administrators can add room markers on the floor plan with a descriptive label, such as Executive Meeting Room, Lunch Room, and so on. These tagged locations do not actually have to be rooms. They can be any type of space or area that you want to identify, such as a stairwell or receptionist desk. After all the important rooms and areas on the plan are tagged, users can attach facilities requests to these tagged locations. This allows your facilities team to know exactly where they need to address a request.