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View the vulnerability data source import queue

View the vulnerability data source import queue

For third-party integrations that are configured to use the Data Source Attachment report processing strategy, you can use the Import Queue module to view a list of queued import entries. You can also change the status of import entries if you observe that they have been in the Processing state too long (that is, the import is "stuck").

Before you begin

You must have a third-party integration with the Data Source Attachment set as the report processor strategy, and with at least one data source added to the integration.

Role required: sn_vul.vulnerability_write


  1. Navigate to Vulnerability > Administration > Import Queue.
    As a scheduled job runs, an entry is added to the Vulnerability Data Source Import Queue Entries screen for each page of data returned by the integration script defined in the selected integration. Entries in the import queue are processed in the order that they were added to the queue. Queue entries are processed by taking the data from the import queue entry, attaching it to the integration’s data source, and running the data source’s configured transform map.
  2. If you observe that one or more scheduled jobs have been in the Processing status for an unusually long time, you can open the record and change the Status field to Queued or Retry.