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Connect Support upgrade information

Connect Support upgrade information

Connect Support upgrade information for the Geneva release.

Upgrading to Connect Support from legacy chat

With Geneva and Helsinki you have the option to upgrade from legacy chat to Connect Support. When Connect Support is enabled, users designated as support agents have access to the support tab of the Connect sidebar.

Legacy chat and Connect Support should not be used concurrently.

If you use the legacy chat feature to provide help desk support, close any open help desk chats before activating Connect Support.

You can also manually run a fix script after you enable Connect Support, to close out any existing legacy chats. Running the script closes all chats as well as everything under the My Work module, such as chat records and agent tasks.

To manually run the fix script:
  1. Navigate to System Definition > Fix Scripts and click New.
  2. Complete the form with the following values.
    • Name: Chat -> Connect Support Update
    • Active: True
    • Run once: True
    • Script:
      var acceptedEntries = new GlideMultipleUpdate("chat_queue_entry");
      acceptedEntries.addQuery("state", 1);
      acceptedEntries.addQuery("action", "accepted");
      acceptedEntries.setValue("state", 2);
      var abandonedEntries = new GlideMultipleUpdate("chat_queue_entry");
      abandonedEntries.addQuery("state", 1); 
      abandonedEntries.addQuery("action", "abandoned");
      abandonedEntries.setValue("state", 3);

Starting with Geneva Patch 8, when you activate Connect Support, the system automatically sets the state of all Chat Queue Entry [chat_queue_entry] records to Closed Complete. This ends any open help desk chats.