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Reporting release notes

Reporting release notes

Reporting product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default

New in the Geneva release

Multiple data sets Display multiple sets of data from various tables on a single report using one or more visualizations.
Report drill down Drill down in reports to view a subset of the data. Define unique visualizations and report settings for each level.
Interactive filters Filter multiple reports on a homepage or dashboard using a single widget. Create and reuse complex filters and apply them to multiple reports at once.
New chart types Several new chart types are available including single-score charts, multilevel pivot charts, bubble charts, and heatmaps.

Changed in the Geneva release

  • Reports respect the current application scope. Users cannot edit reports in a different application scope.
  • The export chart image button now appears at the top of charts.
  • You can configure donut and semidonut charts to display the total aggregate value.
  • You can control the rounding precision for decimals using the glide.chart.decimal.precision property.
  • You can use a chart color scheme to define report chart colors.
  • You can add a report directly to a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard without first creating a gauge.
  • You can specify a height for widgets added to homepages.
  • You can embed reports in Jelly pages, such as UI pages.