ODBC Driver 1.0.12 release notes

ODBC driver product enhancements and updates in the 1.0.12 release.

Version 1.0.12 of the ODBC Driver uses Java 1.8. You may need to configure your Java path after installing this version. See KB0597981 for more information.

Download the 1.0.12 version of the ODBC Driver from the HI Knowledge Base. Refer to the product documentation for instructions on installing the ODBC driver.

Notable Fixes

Problem Short description Steps to reproduce
PRB708941 KB0597404 Querying more than 4MB with ODBC driver creates temp files See Known Error for steps to reproduce
PRB747962 KB0621993 ODBC driver outputting incorrect number of records when using LEFT JOIN ON SELECT * query See Known Error for steps to reproduce