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Resource Management release notes

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Resource Management release notes

Resource Management product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

You can activate the Resource Management plugin if you have the admin role.

New in the Geneva release

Resource workbench A resource workbench gives resource requesters and managers a comprehensive view of resource capacity, availability, allocation, and utilization for selected group or user resources. The resource console is deprecated. Use the resource workbench to accomplish the same tasks.
Soft and hard booking The application distinguishes between the request for a resource, which is considered a soft booking, and an approved resource allocation, which is considered a hard booking.
Full time equivalence (FTE) Instead of requesting resources for a specific number of hours, you can request resources for an amount of time that represents an equivalent to full time work.
Allocation types You can request that allocations be in weekly or monthly blocks, or a block that represents the entire duration of the plan.
Member preference You can request either all members or specific members from a resource group.
Resource Management Reports New reports are available by default to show resource availability and utilization.