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Platform security and authentication release notes

Platform security and authentication release notes

Platform Security product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Platform feature - active by default

New in the Geneva release

ACL configuration watcher The ACL configuration watcher lets you know what related ACLs exist on a table when you insert, update, or delete an ACL on the same table.
Multifactor authentication Multifactor authentication requires a user to authenticate to the instance with their username and password plus a time-based code. This feature is supported for local and LDAP users.
SAML user provisioning SAML user provisioning allows you to automatically create the users in your instance's User [sys_user] table. See SAML user provisioning for more information.

Changed in the Geneva release


The instance supports OAuth authorization code flow for integrating with third party tools. The OAuth API and the OAuth password flow are also enhanced.