Connect release notes

Connect product enhancements and updates in the Geneva release.

Activation information

Connect is active by default on new instances. For instances upgrading from a previous version, the Connect plugin (com.glide.connect, new in Geneva) must be activated.

New in the Geneva release

Note: The Connect feature was called Collaboration in the Fuji release.

For more information about these features, see Connect.

Connect Support Connect Support enables support agents to provide users with real-time assistance and resolve issues quickly. It provides tools for agents to easily find and share knowledge, escalate or transfer cases, and more. Requires the Connect Support plugin.
Online status and user presence See who is online so you can collaborate with the right people. A green dot appears on a user's avatar when he or she is online. A message displays at the bottom of each conversation and indicates when users are viewing or typing.
Notifications for specific conversations Configure which types of notifications you receive and when you receive them for each conversation.
Mentions Get a group conversation member's attention by mentioning them with the @ character. By default, users receive notifications when they are mentioned.
Filter conversations Search for specific conversations using the filter in the Connect sidebar.
Visual Task Board conversations Create a conversation directly from a Visual Task Board to collaborate with the board members instantly.

Changed in the Geneva release

For more information about these features, see Connect.

  • All Connect modules are under the Collaborate application menu.
  • The Connect interface is redesigned to provide a better user experience.
    • The toggle Connect sidebar icon (Toggle Connect sidebar icon) appears in the banner frame when Connect Chat is enabled. Click the icon to expand or collapse the Connect sidebar.
    • Many icons are updated.
    • The Connect sidebar does not separate individual, group, and record conversations.
    • Notification settings are relocated. Added flexibility makes it simple to customize which notifications you receive globally and for each conversation.
    • The conversation creation process is simplified for individual and group conversations.
  • The browser tab label blinks when you have new messages.
  • Conversations can display emojis. Note that Connect does not provide emojis. Some operating systems or browsers cannot display emojis.
  • The Follow replaces the Connect icon that used to display in form headers. When you view a record you are following in Connect, the button is labeled Unfollow. Clicking Unfollow removes you from the record conversation.
  • Conversation members can edit the avatar and description for group and record conversations.
  • The following capabilities related to Visual Task Boards are no longer available:
    • Sending a Visual Task Board card to a user in Connect.
    • Creating a Visual Task Board card from a Connect conversation.