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Modify chart grouping and stacking fields

Modify chart grouping and stacking fields

Select an alternative field to group or stack the data without modifying the report record.

Before you begin

Role required: None

You must have Performance Analytics premium to use this functionality. The report must be configured to display alternative grouping and stacking field choices.

About this task

View a report chart and adjust the Group by or Stacked by values without modifying the report.


  1. Navigate to a report chart, such as on a homepage or Performance Analytics dashboard.
    If you can change grouping for a chart, it displays a Group by choice list. Bar and horizontal bar charts also display a Stacked by choice list.
  2. Select a different Group by or Stacked by field.
    You can disable stacked values by selecting a Stacked by value of None.
    The chart updates to use the new organization.